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Daniel is a graduate and earned his degree of Bachelor of Art in Philosophy/Anthropology in fall 1989 to fall 2003 at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He attended one-year study abroad program in Luneburg, Germany from fall 1995 to spring 1996. He also has taken course work in education, computer science, French, German, Ancient Greek and Persian. He completed Masters in Business Administration at Ashford University Clinton, Iowa with 3.89 GPA in October 2008 to May 2010.

He also took online courses and received certificates with distinction from Stanford University, Certificate in Writing in the Sciences in September 2012 and Certificate in Intro to Linux Completion in August 2008. Please see below for other certifications:

LFS101x, Introduction to Linux
By, August 15, 2014

Get Your Research Published in the Best Matching Journals
By TCFEX LLC on Udemy, February 11, 2015

Rapid, Visual Web Development with Bootstrap and APEX
By Andrew Vega on Udemy, February 11, 2015

Video Marketing Primer
By Ryan Stone on Udemy, February 15, 2015

Overview of Research Tools & Writing a research proposal
By TCFEX LLC on Udemy, February 15, 2015

Road to the Free Digital Society
By Eliademy, May 2015

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