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Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Public speaking has been one of my passions. When I’m in the stage, the one main goal would be to provide value and learning to my audience. To book me to speak, please click here.



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Daniel is a co-author and edited 3 books which include technical writing textbook, travel books for attending international academic conferences and public speaking. He also created a presentation book for ESL students. He is the content writer of the following websites:

He has excellent communication skills and public speaking gained through lectures and teaching classes online and classroom. He can also speak and write German and French which he acquired in 1995 during his study in Luneburg Germany.

He also has experience in maintaining, installing and troubleshooting PC hardware and software. Experience with MS Office Suite; MS Project 2002/XP/2010; MS Visio 2010; SharePoint Server; Visual Studio 2005/2010; Adobe Framemaker/Indesign/ Photoshop/ CS5 Creative Suite; GIMP 2.6; Scribus 2; OpenERP; SugarCRM; GitHub; XAMPP/LAMP; Drupal 7; LaTex; Python; HTML; CSS; Javascript; PHP; Perl; bash; Windows PowerShell Scripting; Word Press; Bootstrap 3; Amazon Web Services (AWS); Ubuntu; Mint Linux; CentOS; cPanel; WHMS; Webmin; Virtualmin.

He is interested and improving his skills in building websites, systems administration, open source log management and software development. His passion to cultivating his skills and accumulation knowledge doesn’t stop. In fact, He is currently taking Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) at Trident University International in Ventura, California and will graduate in year 2018.

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• Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Logstash;

• Reading academic books and journal papers on business, leadership, growth hacking, economics, history,philosophy, and politics;

• Writing;

• Building websites for fun;

• Further developing my system admin skills.

At present, Daniel is a Part-time online business lecturer at The Open University of Switzerland (ABMS). He is teaching online lectures in leadership, business communications, sales, marketing, start-ups, growth hacking and international business. In 2012 to present, he is the Operations and Marketing Manager/Project Manager of Uni-edit, Hong Kong. He manages the operations and marketing for an academic editing and translation company as well as new business development.

In 2011, he founded the Academic Editing USA in Taiwan. He is currently the Managing Editor/Project Manager who is responsible for lead on setting up, implementing and designs for He has developed and implemented a business, marketing and website plan. He managed a team of editors, edit academic and scientific papers in Asia. As a project manager, he is the head proofreader on all editing projects.

July 2011 to August 2012, Daniel was the Managing Editor/Senior Specialist at NOVA Editing/NOVA Technical Consultants at Taipei, Taiwan. He was the founder and led on setting up, implementing and design consultant for He developed and implemented a business, marketing and website plan. He was the project manager and head proofreader on technical writing projects. He also worked on team design, develop and implement SugarCRM and Drupal.

Daniel continued to be a freelancer of various paper works at Andavor, Singapore from June 2012 to present. He was also freelance editor of countless academic and scientific papers at Edanz, Japan in February 2009 to November 2011.

Daniel is a graduate and earned his degree of Bachelor of Art in Philosophy/Anthropology in fall 1989 to fall 2003 at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He attended one-year study abroad program in Luneburg, Germany from fall 1995 to spring 1996. He also has taken course work in education, computer science, French, German, Ancient Greek and Persian. He completed Masters in Business Administration at Ashford University Clinton, Iowa with 3.89 GPA in October 2008 to May 2010.

He also took online courses and received certificates with distinction from Stanford University, Certificate in Writing in the Sciences in September 2012 and Certificate in Intro to Linux Completion in August 2008. Please see below for other certifications:

LFS101x, Introduction to Linux
By, August 15, 2014

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By TCFEX LLC on Udemy, February 11, 2015

Rapid, Visual Web Development with Bootstrap and APEX
By Andrew Vega on Udemy, February 11, 2015

Video Marketing Primer
By Ryan Stone on Udemy, February 15, 2015

Overview of Research Tools & Writing a research proposal
By TCFEX LLC on Udemy, February 15, 2015

Road to the Free Digital Society
By Eliademy, May 2015

“It is my great hope someday, to see science and decision makers rediscover what the ancients have always known. Namely that our highest currency is respect.”
― Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable

I believe that respectful communication should be fruitful and easily given. It is my great hope someday, to see science and decision makers rediscover what the ancients have always known, namely that our highest currency is respect.

Daniel Boles Daniel Boles

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